We receive such wonderful feedback from people with (or without) ESB horses that we wanted to share some of their comments here. Hearing about their success and enjoyment makes it all worthwhile.

Hey Vanessa. 
just wanted to let you know that i’ve taken Joy to the local pony club, and to a friend’s place and she handled it like a champ! She got a little bit stressed cause there were ponies at both places, but she was fine after getting a good look at them. She’s been pretty much perfect and is getting better each ride! 
❤Very happy with her 

ESB Irish Accent (Sonny)
ESB Irish Yankee


ESB Golden Ayr (L) and ESB Irish Hike (R)

I have owned ESB Golden Ayr (aka Starky) for 3 months now.  Starky is a 2014 foal. I decided to purchase an unbroken 3yo youngster to have a blank canvas and therefore have the ability to grow together.  Having followed ESB for a number of years, I knew that when the time came, I wanted a well bred & brought up ISH.  I was 100% confident that one of Vanessa’s horses would fit the bill.  The actual process of picking was personalised & stressfree.  Vanessa knows her horse’s characters and breeding lines & truly matches the horse to the person.  Since having Starky home, he has taken everything in his stride e.g. floating, rugging, tie up and is continuing his education on the ground with impeccable manners for a young lad.  The Irish in him makes him very amenable and I am confident that his athletic ability will be class like his family before him.  I would thoroughly recommend a 3yo from ESB.  ESB horses – “Sound, Sensible, Successful” Sarah Evans, March 2018

New owner for ESB Golden Knot
Hey Ness! Hope all is well! I’m loving Knot more and more every ride (if it’s even possible for me to love him any more) and we’ve just gotten back from a 2 day eventing clinic and he was an absolute star! Everyone there couldn’t get over him and the complements he got were endless😉 today, at the end of the clinic we had a little dressage and Showjumping competition where our instructor chose what heights/level we did. We ended up doing the highway dressage test that they provided which was the 2.1 Novice. He was so good and we came out with a score of 73%. In jumping, he also jumped the biggest and did a 1.15m course effortlessly! Couldn’t be happier with him!😊 Georgia Rodgers 
"I recently returned to Australia after 21 years living overseas and a 15 year break from riding. Once back and with my family settled in schools, sport and work I decided to return to riding. I found a sport vastly changed. The expensive horses, a highly competitive market and a very commercial approach to buying and selling horses was a daunting experience for me. I began to hate the search.

Then I met Vanessa Hawkins. In Vanessa, I found a dedicated, skilled and passionate horse-woman with impressive knowledge and experience in breeding, training and preparing horses and riders for any discipline. I found a woman with efficient organizational skills, great interpersonal skills and a good dose of compassion for my difficulty in finding ‘the one’. I also found she has beautiful horses.
Over a number of weeks, I visited Euroa Horse Park and rode several horses. After each ride, we had an honest debrief, what it looked like, what it felt like, how it might or might not work? Vanessa always gave an honest appraisal of each horse’s fit for my purpose and match for my ability, something I valued enormously.
I also appreciated her straight-forward, non-judgmental responses to my calls and texts full of questions and concerns.  Last week ESB Irish Maverick arrived at his new home. Already he is well settled and a partnership developing. He is a young horse that has had an exceptional start and like any kid who has had a good up-bringing he is responsive, willing and well mannered. Typical of the sport horse breed he is calm and athletic. What is the difference between Mav and the other fabulous horses I rode at Euroa Horse Park? He was just ‘the one’ for me.  LOUISE GERRARD, July 12, 2017

ESB Golden Musician (Muz)

ESB Irish Heart (aka Melman): now owned by Lucy English SA "It's been an amazing year and a half since I got Melman (ESB IRISH HEART). He was such an amazing find by Megan Jones, I seriously can't get over how amazing it was because he was definitely the right choice for me, I feel like I see myself in him. I can't describe how happy it made me feel when I got him, he would definitely be something I would cherish forever. ESB Irish Heart has an amazing personality and can turn a frown upside down:) He is amazing to sit on and has brought my confidence up a real lot. I have been through many ups and downs with him but we have got through them very quickly as he makes it really easy to cooperate because he is experienced and loves to love. Melman's skills are just extraordinary as he is like no other horse and just wants to have fun! I'm sure he has many more extraordinary skills to be revealed and I'm really excited to see what they are. This horse truly defines my life. He is definitely passionate about trying new things and I'm sure he will fly not just him but us together."

Madison Gielen:

Hi Vanessa! Just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you that elfie and I are going super We came 2nd in our first prenovice at the NSW state eventing champs and 1st last weekend at Brigadoon in the junior prenovice! She finished over 12 penalties ahead of third (my other horse was second and she beat him by 8 penalties)! So grateful to have such a super mare Sorry about the watermark on the photo, I'm going to buy it but I was just desperate to send to you!! xx

Bree Petrowski:
"I have owned ESB Irish Power for about 9 months, and during this time we have come together as a team so much. He's a massive dude and within a week of having him we were ready careering around the paddock bareback. At our first competition he really showed the draught in him by not putting a foot wrong even when my nerves took over to earn us a second place in the dressage. Power and I have been to 9 different comps, and we have consistently placed top 5 in the dressage and top 10 overall.

Power's favourite phase is definitely cross country, and not a single photo taken has his ear back and he can just go and then keep on going. At our first straight dressage day, Power bought home 1st place and a champion.  Each week, with my two coaches help, we are getting stronger and stronger and we are just about to make the move up to EA95. I couldn't ask for a better horse and I thank Vanessa for giving me the opportunity to own such an amazing man and I know we'll be together for a long time."

ESB Irish Harmony (Max)

Ness..I don't know where to start! There is so much I could say about Gammy

"ESB Irish Gamble is the most amazing and forgiving horse I have ever ridden. He has the most amazing and laid back nature, but when you put jumps in front of him his ears prick up and he's on the job! At the same time, he doesn't get hot or strong. He has taken me from pony club grade 3 to EFA pre novice eventing, Novice dressage, training elementary, and EFA D grade show jumping, clearing 1.10m with ease. We travelled the country side eventing for the first few years of our partnership, before I decided that his heart was more in straight show jumping. We still do a bit of eventing but only at low level. Gamble's style over a jump is beautiful and I have had many comments and offers to buy him, but he's all mine!! Not going anywhere!
Gamble has taught me how to ride, and has been very forgiving when I haven't been riding well. He always lines up at the gate for a scratch when things haven't gone to plan.
There is so much I could say about this horse, but to sum it up he is talented, amazing calm temperament, beautiful and easy to do anything with. He is my star :) I just love him!"

"Hi Vanessa,
I want to say thank you for your help and time in helping me look for a horse. I have found one! 
I really, really liked Rumble. But, after many hours of thinking I decided he would be perfect in another year or so when he had been out and done a little bit more.  If I could buy two horses, he'd be standing out the back door too as my 'project.'  The horse I ended up buying has been out and done quite a bit. 
It was lovely to meet you and the ESB team. Many people have told me how they don't like 'horse hunting' and about all their bad experiences. I had the exact opposite experience - meeting nice people and horses. So, thank you once again and sorry I'm not joining the ESB Team. 
Hope to see you when we're out and about.
Best wishes,
PS. I'm really enjoying all the updates you are doing to the website and checking out all the photos. Even though I didn't end up with an ESB I can't help but be a sticky beak and click on the link when it comes through in my Facebook feed!! Yes, you can count me in any time as an ESB supporter!" 

ESB Irish Accent (Sonny) is owned by Jenna Higgins NZ

"Sonny's placed 3rd in the National Amateur Eventing Series. He did exceptionally well as through one thing or another he didn't make it to the events with double points on offer and he only had 8 starts in the season so I couldn't drop any scores ( only your 10 best scores could count)
He is just the best horse ever and I love him so much! I will definitely take a photo with his winnings for you then

CLICK HERE to visit ESB Irish Accent's page.

"Sonny (ESB Irish Accent) and jenna 2nd woodhill sands ht he's great love him to bits .have you got another sonny?" CHRISTINE HIGGINS NZ
"Dear Vanessa
Thank you very much for all your guidance and help over the past few years. Thank you for giving me Goldie and for letting Jacqui and I stay with you. Lots of love, Tiffany Sayers"
PS. A poem for you:
When I was eleven years old, you shared with me your heart of gold
You took me up to see your palace and you weren’t at all one bit callus
I told you that I needed a baby that would grow up into a fine lady
So you took me to your paddock of queens and told me they would all scrub up clean
Now I didn’t believe you, not one bit, especially after I saw what you did with that filly’s leg and your medical kit
With just a couple of years down the track and I have found my perfect hack
She once was a teenager much like myself, sitting in a paddock entertaining herself
But as you said she has scrubbed up well, Goldie is extremely well fed and probably ready to give me a taste of hell
Thank you for all your help to this date, it seems meeting you was more than fate
Many thanks Tiffany Sayers.